Janet's Ruffle Scarves


Janet's Ruffle Scarves


Handmade Creations by Janet Richardson

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Yellow pale Orange Black-beige-white
1- Yellow-pale-orange and green 2- Black-beige-white
Black-gray-red-white Beiges-white
3- Black-gray-red-white 4- Beiges-white-really-soft
Black-silver-trim Black and white
5 - Black with silver trim 6 - Black and white
Blue - lilaca Blues-beige-cream
7 - Blue and lilacs 8- Blues-beige-cream
Blue shine Blues shine
9- Blue-shine 10- Blues shine

11- Blue and white 12- Bright colors
Brown-beige-cream Brown-beige-white
13- Brown-beige-cream 14- Brown-beige-white
Brown and white Burgundy-red
15- Brown - white 16- Burgandy-red-with-sparkle
17- Colors bright close up 18- Colors bright close up
19- Coral 20- Emeral-green-cream


21-Fall-brown-orange-green 22-Florida blue - orange edge
23- Glitter black reds 24- Glitter display
25- Blues-gray 26- Pinks-gray
27- Grays-black-cream 28- Grays-pinks
29- Green 30-Green-magenta-yellow-blue


31-Orange-navy ending 32-Greens-lilac
33-Lilacs-light-teals-beiges 34-Lilacs-pale-yellow
35-Magenta-navy-bleu-purple 36-Most-popular-teal-greens
37-Orange-brown-cream 38-Orange-brown-glitter
39-Orange-greens 40-Orange-navy-edge



41-Orange-reds-pinks 42-Pale-yellow-green-white
43-Pale-yellow-green-white 44-Pinks
45-Pinks-pale-shades 46-Pinks-purples-blue-cream
47-Pink-pale-yellow 48-Popular-orange-burgundy
49-Popular-orange-red-blue 50-Purple-yellow



51-Purple-black-glitter 52-Purple-gray-glitter
53-Purple-olive-green 54-Purple-sparkle
55-Red-white 56-Reel-yellow-orange-red
57-Salsa-blue-red-yellow-green 58-Salsa-greens-white-edge
59-Salsa-greens-white-edge 60-Salsa-orange-white-trim




61-Salsa-red-yellow-green 62-Salsa-teal-gray-beige
63-Shade-reds 64-Shade-pinks
65-Teal-beiges-browns 66-Teal-blues-purples
67-Teal-brown 68-Teal-lilacs
69-Teal-sparkle 70-Vivid-teals-orange-red


71-White-silver 72-Yellow-gray-silver-edging
73-Yellow-navy-college 74-Christmas-red-sparkle
75-Salsa-black-creams-white-endging 76-Salsa-yarn-come-in several colors
77-scarce totes.  

New colors March 27,2013

78-Purple,Magenta,Pale green,Olive and White 79-Shiny red and Shiny Gray
80-Bright teal,Yellow,Lime green and Blue. 81-Light green,Yellow,Gray and pale pink
82-Emerald Green,Bright Orange,Red,Yellow And Fuscia. 83-Purple,Lilac,Pale Blue and Gray
84-Bright Emerald Green,Blue and shades of Light Greens. 85-Purple,dark Pink,Olive Green,and Gray
86-Black,not blue, with Various reds and Burgundy and Beige 87-Brown,not purple,,Olive and pale greens with beige.
88-Purple,Pale Blue and Lilac with Gray 89-Pinks in various shades with White




78 79
80 81



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