Kennel Puppies in Loving homes

Born in Alabama





Bevan and Morgann

July 2nd 2009


Merlin with his kids Daphne and Byron Moon



Millie lives with Steve and Lisa Alsup  in Yorktown Virginia



Brynne lives in Tullahoma Tennessee with the Bryants



Lacie lives with Dede Charlton




Dewy and  Gwen

October 10th 2009


Simon lives in Germantown ,Tennessee with the Shaffers


Wrigley lies in Atlanta with Emily and Patrick Journy


Helen Keller lives with Renee and Josie Keene







Ryan and Jill with little Sadie from the litter of Poppit and Bevan


Beezie lives with Cristi Tomba in Las Vegas


Harry Potter lives in Montgomery with James and Alecia


Emlen lives in new Orleans with Wayne and Cintra Willcox


Tristan lives with Stephanie Akers in Pensacola.


Lilybet lives with Georganne  Canterbury in Mountain Brook Birmingham.


Rose lives with Don and Claudette Rowe in Springville


MUFFIN lives with Jaimi and Andrea Camara in Mexico City



These puppies were 2 weeks younger and came from Morgann and Bevan

Emmy was known as Sarah and lives in Miami Shores with the Gregorio family


Topper was Llewy and he went to live in Seattle with Sharon Olsen


Kipling went to live with Mike and Claire Edwards in Tallassee Alabama


Lily was Beryl and she went to live in Monroeville with the  Fenelon Family


Beau lives close with Carol Mclane








Watch this Space




 Jud Adams with Benny.

Jud had been wanting a puppy of his own to

start training from scratch with as he loves to do 4 H where he lives in


Jud will also do Junior Showmanship with Benny and show him in conformation when Benny  is old enough

Here is Jud at the match on Labor Day in Lexington Kentucky with Amy Caple as the judge.



APRIL 8th 2008

Grant and Dilys

April 8th 2008 Dee Dee Lyon bred her first litter with Dilys and had three puppies.

We have a Sable girl Ceri living with us at Tresaith and Dee Dee has Archie living with her and Winnie is living with a family in Birmingham


Archie at 4 months at the top with Ceri and Miley in the basket with him.

Winnie at 3 months

Ceri has her own web page


Carter and Poppit 4 girls November 30th 2007



Deryn is with us so has her own web page




This is Whisper, who was a fluffy, and her big sister Rain and new owner Vickie Howell



 This is Ethel Barrymore and her Uncle Bertie Wooster in Connecticut




This is Rosie and Uncle Marley in The United Emirates.


Both Marley and Bertie were brothers to the mom Poppit.




October 20th 2007


This is Eleri at 3months who was the only puppy who left us and she is in Cinnaminson New Jersey with Doug and Jill Lee and Paul and Katherine. Ellie also lives with another Tresaith Corgi who is 5 called Abby. From this litter Rhosyn is with Nancy and Darryl Wright in Texas and brother Aled stayed with us.



October 26th 2007



Here is Kingston who was a singleton puppy and he now lives with the Kreiser Family in Lancaster PA. They made the long drive to Alabama to pick up this lovely fluffy boy. Here he is with their teenage sons Will and Matt.








We were able to take CHASE to Montrose Pennsylvania on

our way to Canada in July. He lives on a lovely 180 acres

where they train and show Morgan horses. Here he is

playing with his Special little girl Ava. He is owned

by Suzanne Tocco Evans. Chase will be doing

obedience training and agility as he gets older.












This is TUCKER our white headed boy. He lives in New Orleans

with the Hochstedler family. I was able to see him at the Hattiesburg Mississippi Agility trial in August. He  will be doing obedience and agility quite soon with his Special girl MEG. These were taken later that day when he visited the beach.



Here is YODA Day and his Special Girl Kylee.

They live in Dothan Alabama. Yoda is planning to

do obedience  training very soon and in the

 meantime enjoys playing with Kylee




Here is HARRY Gaddy with his sister Gracie from

our September litter 06..He was named Hairy Harry

as he was such a fluff ball when young. He is a mild

fluff we think. They are the kids to Beverly and Steve

 and live near us in Hoover so we get to see them

walking around the lake at weekends.






This is Logan Bondi who lives with these two adorable little girls in Crestview Florida. He enjoys doing obedience training and graduated his first session  top of the class






Jilly and Sam litter March 2006






Bevan  went to his first dog show when Birmingham KC had

theirs in April.2007  He  won three days in a row  so now will

try to do more shows. He lives with our oldest son Dave and

wife Courtney  and grand  children Nicholas and Mekenzie.
They live just 2 miles  from  us so  we  see a  lot  of  them  all.

Bevan  went   to  Canada  with  me  in July  and came home a

 Canadian Champion                                                                  














Lilybet lives with Connie Cussimano and Cathy King and

will enjoy performance. She has started obedience training




Poppit and Tyler litter May 2006






Rex Hunter in New Jersey and Long Island. Rex has had all sorts

of classes of obedience training as he goes with corgi Molly and

owner Clare to agility and obedience classes. He is going to be

 finishing titles close together once he starts competing. 











Rex went to his first shows May 19th and 20th and took home a point each day and a BOB on the Sunday. Clare has the bug to show in conformation now. Clare was so excited she forgot to get an official photo taken. This was taken after Rex got his third point in            Bainbridge New York..














Tristan Nilsson lives in New York State

with Dave and Joanne Nilsson






Dylan lives with Shirley Dougherty in Flowertown Pennsylvania


Tag is owned by Jason

and Renee Schoonhoven

shown here at 9 months

 weighing 23 pounds. Who would have

 known this tiny 5 ounce puppy would grow up to be so  healthy.

 They live near Auburn in Opelika Alabama. 


      TAG has a new buddy, a Tyler Grand daughter called Swinger

from Mary Weatherspoon







Casey was the fluffy in the litter and

lives with the Winklers in New Jersey.  They are Peg Fortes neighbours, and I thank her for finding him such a lovely home






Glenys and Stormy litter September 2006


Shadow lives with Vikki Highfield in Birmingham. He is shown

here at 5 months. He will go and see some dog shows this Spring .Shadow went to his first Specialty [Perry]  at 6 months with Frank Murphy and got reserve  to a 5 point major under judge Donna Gilbert at the supported entry there. He won his class under  Alan Matthews from Ireland at the Perry Specialty as well.



Shadow went to Canada with me and started getting points towards his Canadian Championship. We will go back next summer and get the 7 points he needs to finish.. Shadow is a late bloomer and a very picky eater.







Pixie and Tucker McGuire live in Jackson, Mississippi

    and have each other for playmates. Owner Nancy had 

twin sons 27 years ago and feels like she has twins again.

Both puppies graduated top of the class in their first obedience class.











Hoover Lomers, was named for where he was born 

and lives in Mobile and is the Star Pupil in his
Puppy Kindergarten Class with his owner Kenny.






Gracie Gaddy lives in Hoover with Steve and Beverly

 Gaddy. Gracie now has a new brother. Hairy Harry was the

fluffy from our litter this summer. I am sure they will enjoy

each others company. We enjoy seeing them as they walk

around the lake and live in Hoover.


BEST of Breed for Wiley


Griffi, is now called Sir Wiley and is lives with Roger and Sandy Terry in Naples, Florida. At 6 months and one week Wiley went to

Fort Lauderdale to his first dog shows [ March 17th ]and came away

with his first point towards his Championship and a Puppy Herding

Group 2. He has since got 4 more points and a Best of Breed. They are heading for Colorado for the summer and will try some shows in that area while there and see if they can get Wiley some majors.





WILEY went BEST PUPPY IN SHOW under Judge Dr Harry Smith at the Harriman Tennessee show May  26th.





WILEY  finished his American Championship at 9months of age getting a third major under Dr Harry Brown.. He has since been working on obedience and earned a first Novice Rally leg before his first birthday and has his CGC. We are very proud of Sandy and Wiley as they work hard doing obedience.







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